Tuesday, May 5, 2015

If I Can Spell...CVC Practice

I love teaching reading. It is so important to equip students with the skills and tools they will need to be successful readers and writers. Sometimes basics come easy for kiddos, sometimes they need a little more help.

After we get a good grip on our letters and letter sounds we begin putting those sounds together to make words. cat.. c-a-t. mat.. m-a-t. sat...dfdiffsd. What?! We just spelled cat and mat. What some kids don't realize is that if they can spell cat and mat THEN they can spell rat, sat, pat, fat.... But sometimes that's easier said than done. So that's where the activity "If I Can Spell.." was born!

Each card focuses on one word family. The students first practice reading the word at the top of the card. We say the letters in the word. We go over the sounds in the word. We blend the word. We read the word. Then we go over the picture names on the card. We discuss how all of the pictures have different beginning sounds but they all have the same sound at the end.

After we have discussed the words on the card, we begin writing the first word. We discuss how we are ONLY changing the first sound to make a new word. All of the other letters in the word will stay the same. Using a dry erase marker, they write the new word on the line. 

Before we write the next word, we identify the sound that is different. Students continue to change only the beginning sound to make a new word and write them on the card. 

Once we have completed the card we go over the words again, focusing on how the ending sound is the same for all of the words. We talk about how the words are all part of the same word family because they have the same ending letters and sounds. Again, I point out how we only have to change the beginning sound of the word to make a new word. The kids are SO excited to see that they can actually spell more words than they think!

Once we have completed these in a small group teacher-led station I put them in a small group station for students to work on independently. I made a smaller version to use as self correcting pages. I cut and laminate these smaller cards and put them together with small binder ring. Students can refer to these to check their work.

When using these cards in a center I will sometimes put a recording page for fast finishers. Also included are "I Can" charts to help keep students on task. (And so that when someone walks through our room, they know exactly what students are working on). There's an "I Can" chart for just using the cards and there's an "I Can" chart to correspond with each recording sheet.

You can find them by clicking the picture below.

After many requests the CVCE / CCVE version is also available!

Click on the picture below to check it out.

Thanks for reading along!

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