Spin and Cover CVC Activities for Kindergarten



Spin and Cover is a fun activity to help students recognize and read CVC word families. There are 43 mats included. There are 23 single CVC word family mats and 20 mixed CVC word families (same vowel) activity mats.

The Spin and Cover word family mats are great CVC activities for a small group warm-up, independent literacy centers, or early finishers.

To prep decide which CVC activities you’d like for your students to practice. Then print the mats print, laminate, and cut apart. Students will need a game mat, a plastic spinner (or paperclip and pencil), and small manipulatives to cover their game mat.

Students can play independently or with a partner.

Option 1: Students will spin the spinner, identify the picture name and cover a space on their game board that shows the CVC word. It is recommended that you review the picture names with your students before playing.

Option 2: Use these CVC activities as a game with a partner or a small group. Each player will need their own game mat and manipulatives. You can have students share a spinner or provide one to each player. Students will take turns spinning the spinner, identifying the picture name, and covering the word on their paper. If a student lands on a picture and all of the words have been covered, they skip a turn. The first player to cover all of the spaces on their game board wins.


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