Roll, Read, and Cover | Editable Sight Word Activities



This resource was designed to be a fun, hands-on way for students to practice sight words. Plus, it sneaks in some important fine motor practice. The sight word mats are editable, so you can add the words that your students are working on.

There are a total of 30 different mats included. All pictures are year-round themed, so they can be used any time. The picture name for each activity mat is located in the upper right corner.

The mats are easy to prep. Just use the table of contents to click on the mat you’d like, type in your sight words, and print. Students will need a dot cube and corresponding color cubes for this activity.

For each mat, select up to six sight words and type one sight word per box on the game mat. Students roll the dot cube and read the corresponding sight word. They will use the color code next to the sight word to cover a space on their mat. They will continue to roll and read sight words until the mat is covered. Once they have covered all of the spaces, they can put the cubes together to form the picture.

Also included is an “I Can” visual directions page.

No recording sheets are needed so students can use these as morning tub activities, centers, early finishers, indoor recess, or just for fun.

You can also use this as a partner game. Students can take turns to see who can finish their board first.

Important: To edit this activity you will need to open the file in Adobe. You will NOT be able to edit the activity if you are using your web browser to view the file.


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