Roll, Count, & Cover Math Dice Games for Kindergarten


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Number sense is the building block of the kindergarten curriculum. These Roll, Count, and Cover dice games are a great way to reinforce number recognition along with numbers one-less and numbers one-more.


The only supplies that are needed for these dice games are dice and small manipulatives such as mini erasers or plastic math cubes.


To prepare the math games print and laminate the game mats. You can also slide them in page protectors. Each student will need a math game board, a dice and mini erasers or plastic math cubes.


Students will roll the dice and count the dots shown to determine the number. They will find the number on the mat (or one less/one more) and cover it with a mini eraser or plastic math cube. They will continue to roll the dice, count, and play until all the spaces on the game board have been covered.

Included in this math dice games resource:

– 11 themed sets of numbers to 6 mats

– 11 themed sets of numbers to 12 mats

– 11 themed sets of numbers one-less mats

– 11 themed sets of numbers one-more mats

– Teacher direction sheet on how to utilize this resource in the classroom

– A clickable table of contents

This game works well as a morning tub activity, math center, or early finisher. Students can play independently or with a partner.

Monthly Themes Include:

August: popcorn, paint, clipboards

September: apples

October: sunflowers, pumpkins

November: acorns, turkeys

December: gingerbread

January: snowmen, mittens

February: valentines mail, hearts, cupcakes

March: clouds/weather, leprechauns, gold coins

April: kites, plants, flowers

May: lady bugs, worms, tulips

June: watermelon, ice pops, ice cream


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