Roll and Race Kindergarten Math | Roll and Cover Math Games



Roll and Race Kindergarten math games include 33 no prep math game mats that offer practice for a variety of Kindergarten math skills. These roll and cover math games work well as partner games or as independent work.

Math skills included:

  • number recognition
  • number words
  • addition and subtraction
  • missing numbers
  • counting on
  • one more and one less
  • 2D shapes and 3D shapes
  • comparing numbers

To use independently:

  • Print the math game boards on color paper.
  • Slide them into a page protector or laminate.
  • Students can use dry-erase markers or small manipulatives as they “roll and race”.
  • You can also print the game boards and use them as consumable activities where students color the spaces.

To play with a partner:

  • Each student will need a copy of the game board.
  • Then, they will need either a writing utensil or manipulatives to cover their Roll and Race game board.
  • Players will also need dice to share.

How to play:

Students will take turns rolling the dice. They will select the first available space from that column and solve the math problem. For example, if they roll a two, they will look at column two and solve the first math problem at the bottom of the game board. To solve math problems, students will add, subtract, or identify a number or shape. The first player to reach the top of a column wins.

Other ideas for use:

Utilize these differentiated math game boards in your small group to remediate targeted skills. These also work great for morning tubs, fast finishers, or independent math centers.

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