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This resource includes 26 letter recognition books. These books will help students become familiar with the letter and letter sound. They are perfect to have students take home and share with their families.

The books are in black and white and students only need one page, so they are photocopier friendly!

Students will fold the books in half, long ways (I call this a hotdog fold because the paper is long, like a hotdog). Next they will fold the paper in half again (I call this the hamburger fold). There are lines on the books to help students with folding.

Students will complete the activities on each page of the book. On the front of the book you can have students rainbow write the letters, decorate the letters, or just color them.

On the inside, students will trace the capital and lowercase letter and then write the letters on their own. On the next page students will color the four beginning sound pictures. Finally, on the last page students will find and color the corresponding uppercase and lowercase letters. You may want to have students color the capital letters one color and the lowercase letters a different color.


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