Kindergarten Zoo Theme Centers | Math and Literacy Activities


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Kindergarten themes for the year centers bundle
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This packet includes 6 centers {3 literacy, 3 math} and 6 extra no-prep practice pages with a fun zoo theme. These activities are a perfect addition to your zoo unit or field trip. Activities are hands-on, interactive, engaging and perfect for Kindergarten!

The centers include:
-6 centers: 3 literacy and 3 math
-6 no-prep practice pages to reinforce skills
-Recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work
-An interactive table of contents
-An answer key for easy checking
-Teacher friendly directions
-“I Can” visual directions for students
-Common Core aligned standards

There are 6 different centers included, three literacy and three math. Also included are 6 additional no-prep practice pages to reinforce the skills taught in the center. These can be used as remediation, homework, or as an additional center.

-Zebra Blends: Students will identify the beginning blend sound of each picture. They will color the blend and then write it on the line.

-Write the Room: Students will search to find the activity cards. They will match the animal on the card to the animals on their paper. They will record the animal name on their paper.

-Secret CVCe Words: {Similar to the Secret Code Sight Words in the monthly center packs} Students will identify the beginning sound of each picture to spell a CVCe word. They will record the CVCe word on their paper. (A Beginning Sounds Alphabet reference sheet is included)

-Monkey Math: Students will solve to determine which subtraction equation equals the number at the top of the card. They will record the correct subtraction equation on their paper.

-Animal Tally: Students will count the number of animals. They will match the picture of the animal on the card to their paper. They will draw tally marked to show how many animals are on the card.

-Nutty Numbers: Students will count to determine the teen number represented by the bucket and the peanuts. They will record the numbers to show the tens, ones, and in all.

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