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Please note that this file is for LITERACY ACTIVITIES ONLY. Interested in some math activities too? Check out the math and literacy bundle, where you can save 20%:
It's All Fun & Games {February Math & Literacy Activities for Kindergarten}

This math and literacy activity and partner game pack is perfect for Kindergarteners during the month of February! Your kids will love the activities because they are fun and engaging; you will LOVE them because the prep-work is super easy and minimal.

Themes included in this packet are: Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Dental Health.

This packet contains a total of 14 different activities. Note: Many of the activities have multiple version or very similar versions, so you can use the activities more than once, without having to re-explain directions to your students. Some activities are to be played individually, while others are meant to be played with a partner.

-Roll a Word Family: Students will roll the cube and match a picture to the word family. (RF.K.2)

-Spin and Dab: Students will spin the spinner and read a word family. They will dab a picture belonging to that word family. (RF.K.2)

-Real or Nonsense: Students will spin to spinners and record the onset and rime. They will determine if it is a real word or a nonsense word and record it on their paper. (RF.K.2c, RF.K.2e)

-Spin a Vowel: Short Vowel practice, determine real or nonsense words (2 activities) (RF.K.3b)

-Roll a Vowel: Short Vowel practice, distinguishing middle vowel sounds in CVC words. (RF.K.3b)

-Spin the Beginning Sound: Beginning sound practice (2 activities) (RF.K.3a)

-Spin the Ending Sound: Ending sound practice (2 activities) (RF.K.3a)

-Roll a Rhyme: Students will roll dice and use a code to color rhyming words. (RF.K.2a)

-Let's Rhyme: Students will play with a partner as they try to make rhyming matches. Includes rhyming cards and recording sheet for accountability (2 options of play included) (RF.K.2a)

-Sight Word / Spelling Word Writing: Can be used with any sight word or spelling word list used in your classroom. Included are themed cards that you can print and write the words on prior to laminating. Not editable on the computer. (RF.K.3c, LK.1a)

-Spin a Digraphs: Students will spin the spinner and use the color code to color pictures with the matching beginning digraph sound. (2 activities)

-Ending Digraphs Roll and Cover: Partner game to practice digraphs at the end of words.

-Beginning Blends: Activities to practice beginning L blends (2 activities included)

-Spin a Syllables: Students will spin the spinner and use the color code to color pictures with the matching number of syllables (RF.K.2b)

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