Counting to 100 Cards | Numbers to 100


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This activity was designed to help students practice number order within 100.

There are 138 cards included. The counting cards are divided into two sets:

  • Number Practice to 30 — 3 cards for each number 1 – 30
  • Number Practice to 100 — 3 sets of cards to 100

To prepare this activity decide which set of cards you’d like to use. Print, laminate, and cut apart the activity cards.

You do not need to print all of the cards. You may choose to only use numbers to 10 at the beginning of the year. Then introduce teen numbers and numbers to 100 later in the year.

Students will select a number strip. They will count to fill in the missing numbers on the card. Students can show the missing numbers using magnetic numbers, dry erase markers, or the number cards included.

It is recommended that you do not put out all of the number cards at one time. You may want to only put out 15 – 20 cards at a time, depending on how many students are working in the group.


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