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Learning alphabet letter names and letter sounds are important skills for kindergarten students to master. These alphabet cards and alphabet practice pages were designed to help students become familiar with letter names and words that begin with the given letter.
Inside this Alphabet Cards and Alphabet Practice Pages resource, you will find two different types of activities: Alphabet Task Cards and a corresponding Alphabet Letter Hunt page for each letter. There are 31 alphabet cards and alphabet no-prep pages including 21 consonants and 10 vowels (short and long vowels).
Alphabet Task Cards: There are 4 alphabet cards per page to save on paper. Simply print, cut apart, and store the alphabet cards on a metal ring. Separate cards are included for long and short vowels. Students will identify the alphabet letter at the top of the card, say the name of each beginning sound picture, then read each sentence.
Use these cards as a warm-up for your small group, as an independent center, or for fast finisher activities. You can challenge your students to complete the set with a sand timer.
Letter Hunt Alphabet Pages: There are 31 alphabet no-prep pages included, 21 consonants, and 10 vowels (separate pages for long and short vowel pages). At the top, students will color the pictures that start with the target letter sound. Next, they will hunt for the correct letter and circle it. Finally, they will practice tracing the letter and then write the letter on their own. – A picture name reference guide for the teacher is included.
Assessment Sheet: This is a one-page checklist to keep you organized. There is a spot to mark each quarter if the student can correctly identify the alphabet letter and/or sound.
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