Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back to School Gifts for Teachers

We head back to school on Tuesday so I wanted to share a quick and easy gift that's perfect for the beginning of the year. This would be great for the teachers on your team, your school secretary, a secret pal exchange, or even your own child's teacher!

This gift is sure to help its recipient have a sss-sensational first day of school! For this little gift you're going to need some scents, sweets, and Starbucks! 
  • For scents I used this gift set that I found at Bath and Body Works, but you could use any soaps and lotions or even candles. 
  • For sweets I included a chocolate bar {because, lets face the end of the first day all a teacher wants is chocolate and maybe a nap}. You could also use bake goods, cookies, candies, etc. 
  • For Starbucks I included a Starbucks gift card but you could also used a bottled or canned Starbucks beverage that you find in the grocery store.

I love that the soap and lotion set came in a little carrying bag. I just tucked the chocolate and gift card inside the bag and added the gift tag on the outside. So easy! You could write a message on the back of the tag or sign your name on the front.

Click the picture below to download the FREE gift tag.

Have a sss-sensational school year! :)


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