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Number and letter recognition are essential elements of the kindergarten curriculum. These Literacy and Math Fine Motor Activities use mini erasers to reinforce recognition and formation of both uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers while strengthening fine motor skills.

This fine motor resource includes everything you need to assist students in creating all uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers 1-20. All you need to add are small manipulatives such as mini erasers.

Each month has a themed Make It Mat, set of uppercase letter cards, set of lowercase letter cards, and set of numbers 1-20 cards. In addition, there is also a generic Make It Mat and activity cards that can be used throughout the year. By using the set of generic letter and number activity cards, you can simply switch out the themed mat and mini erasers throughout the year.

Included in this fine motor mini eraser resource:

  • 12 sets of Make It Mats (1 generic, 11 themed)

  • 12 sets of uppercase letter cards (1 generic, 11 themed)

  • 12 sets of lowercase letter cards (1 generic, 11 themed)

  • 12 sets of numbers 1-20 cards (1 generic, 11 themed)

  • Front covers for each letter and number set

  • Teacher direction sheet on how to utilize this resource in the classroom

Preparing the Make It Mini Erasers resource is simple and easy. Select and print your desired theme of Make It Mat/cards, laminate, and cut. The cards can be hole punched and attached to a metal ring for organization. Teacher tip: Shuffle the cards before placing them on the metal ring, so that students do not practice the letters or numbers in order.

You can add a pair of chunky tweezers to encourage students to use their fine motor skills while practicing their letter/number recognition and formation. Simply have students use the tweezers to pick up the mini erasers. They will be strengthening those fine motor muscles without even knowing it!

If you don’t have mini erasers, students can use small manipulatives, wiki sticks or playdough to form the letters/numbers.

How to play: Students will select a card from the deck, place the card in the upper right-hand corner of their make it mat, and create the letter or number using the mini erasers or the provided manipulatives.

These card sets are great for small group, independent practice, and early finishers.

Monthly Make It Mat Themes Include:

August: school bus

September: apples

October: pumpkins

November: turkeys

December: gingerbread

January: penguins

February: hearts

March: shamrocks

April: flowers

May: seashells

June: watermelon


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