Draw the Code CVC & CVCe Words Worksheet BUNDLE

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CVC & CVCe words worksheet bundle with 75 printable practice pages for CVC & CVCe words

Total Pages: 77
File Size: 46 MB (Zipped)


Draw the Code CVC and CVCe Words Worksheet Bundle includes 75 no prep activity pages to help students learn to spell CVC and CVCe words.

  • There are 5 CVC pages for each vowel sound and 20 mixed vowel pages.
  • There are 4 CVCe pages for each vowel sound (A, I, O, and U) along with 14 mixed vowel pages.

These activities do not require any prep, which makes them perfect for morning work, homework, sub tubs, time fillers, or literacy activities.

To complete this activity, students say the name of the CVC or CVCe picture. They will spell the word and write it on the line provided. Using the code at the top of the page, students will create a code to match the word. They will draw the code in the box provided.

The code for each set stays the same for each page so that students can focus on spelling CVC and CVCe words.

It is highly recommended that you go over the CVC and CVCe picture names before students complete the activity page.

CVCe picture names for each CVCe worksheet page are included. Activity pages are labeled in the upper left corner, which corresponds to the picture name page.

Picture names for CVC code: apple, bee, cat, donut, egg, fish, gum, hat, igloo, jellyfish, kite, lamp, mitten, necklace, octopus, pencil, quilt, rain, sock, tree, umbrella, vest, watermelon, xylophone, yo-yo, zebra

Picture names for CVCe code: acorn, bell, candle, domino, eagle, feather, glue, house, ice cream, jar, key, lollipop, moon, nose, oval, pizza, question, ring, seven, tie, unicycle, vacuum, watch, xylophone, yolk, zig-zag.


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