Anytime No Prep Writing Prompts for Beginning Writers


Total Pages: 35 writing prompts

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Writing is an important skill to practice daily. This resource makes it easy with 35 writing worksheets. Themes are year-round, so you can use them any time during the year.
This resource includes:
  • 35 pages with a sentence starter (great for beginning writers)
  • 35 of the SAME pages with a traceable sentence starter 
  • 35 of the SAME pages are blank, without a sentence starter (great for independent writers)
  • An optional front cover
  • A blank writing page for students who want to write more
  • A clickable table of contents
Each page includes:
  • Large writing lines specifically for young writers
  • An area for students to illustrate their writing
  • A themed word bank with illustrations.
  • A writing convention checklist 
The writing conventions checklists remind students to:
  • Use a capital letter
  • Put spaces between their words
  • Stretch out the words to spell them
  • Use punctuation
  • Draw a picture 
An optional front cover is included if you'd like to turn the pages into a writing notebook or journal.
A blank page with lines is included for students who would like to write more.
There are 3 differentiated versions included. One version includes the story starters listed below with related pictures and vocabulary words in a solid font. The second version includes the story starters listed below with related pictures and vocabulary words in a traceable font. The final version includes only the pictures and vocabulary words (no sentence starter).
Sentence Starters: Students use the word bank to complete the sentence on the worksheet. This version is great for small group instruction to provide your writers with support. Use this version of the writing prompts for kindergarten or beginning writers. Both solid font and traceable font versions are included.
Word Bank Only: Use this option with your advanced writers. Students use the word bank to help build their own story. This version is easy to print and place into an independent work center or folder. These are a great transition for more independent writers.
All versions include a writing convention checklist to support students in self-checking their work.
Sentence starters included in this resource:
  1. If I could have any pet it would be
  2. My favorite food is
  3. I am excited for school because
  4. I like to play with
  5. My family likes to
  6. My favorite candy is
  7. I like to drink
  8. When I grow up
  9. I help at home
  10. I like to bake
  11. My favorite hobby is
  12. If I went to outer space
  13. My favorite fruit is
  14. When it rains
  15. My friends and I like to
  16. My favorite sport is
  17. When it is sunny
  18. On the playground I like to
  19. My favorite vegetable is
  20. Today I feel
  21. My favorite season is
  22. My favorite subject at school is
  23. My favorite ocean animal is
  24. At the zoo
  25. My favorite place is
  26. At bedtime I
  27. My pizza has
  28. For breakfast I like to eat
  29. If I had a party
  30. At the bakery
  31. Outside I see
  32. Today the weather is
  33. At the ice cream shop
  34. If I took a trip I would take a
  35. If I had a picnic


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