Engage your students each and every morning with these low-prep activities

Kiss your chaotic mornings goodbye! 👋

Do your mornings sound like this …?

It's 9:01 AM and your kindergarteners are lined up at your desk asking you 236 questions about what is next for the day. You're trying to check folders, and take attendance, and you realize it doesn't seem like anyone knows what they should be doing this morning.

Then, you see a parent standing in the doorway with a late student, who's wanting to talk. You smile, embarrassed, because of the chaos that is in your classroom this morning.

a good morning routine can make or break your day.

Now imagine your students walking in, saying good morning, and quietly putting their belongings away. You're dealing with a late bus issue, but it's no big deal because your students are quietly working, independently in their spots.

They know the morning routine like the back of their little hands and keep working quietly through morning announcements.

Morning routine? Why do I need one?

There are SO many benefits of a great morning routine!

Don't Wait! Grab the Year-Long Morning Tub Bundle!

What's included in the Morning Tubs Year-Long Bundle?

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With over 190 morning work activities, you'll have enough for the entire year! They are the perfect soft start for each school day

Don't know where to start? Don't worry! I've planned and created your entire year of morning tubs (or morning bins) for you.

This year-long bundle of morning tubs for kindergarten includes monthly activities that are hands-on, developmentally appropriate, and FUN for students.

Year-long Morning Tub Activities

  • 9 months of ready-to-go Kindergarten activities
  • 1,000+ pages of literacy and math centers
  • Engaged students & quiet mornings

Literacy Activities such as …

  • Color Code Cover: Students will select a card and identify the uppercase and lowercase letter pair. They will find the matching letter pair on the mat and cover it using the cube color at the bottom of the card.

  • Find and Cover Letters: Students will select a card and identify the uppercase letter. They will find the matching uppercase letter on the mat and cover it using a cube or mini erasers.

  • Syllable Build: Students will say the name of each picture and clap to determine the number of syllables. They will stack that many cubes on top of the picture.
  • Roll and Rhyme: Students will roll the dot cube and read the corresponding CVC or CVCe word. They will find a space that rhymes and cover it. They will continue to roll and cover until all of the words have been covered. (Separate CVC and CVCe activities included.) (4 activities included)

    And so much more!

Math Activities such as …

  • Build the Number: Students will select a picture card and determine the number represented. They will use mini erasers or other small manipulatives to form the number on the mat. (Skills include: ten frames, number words, tens and ones, and making 10.)

  • Count and Cover 10 Frames: Students will determine the number represented by the ten frame. They will find a corresponding number on the activity mat and cover it.

  • Roll and Race: Students will roll the dot cube and count to determine the number they rolled. They will cover that make spaces on their game mat. The first player to cover all of the numbers wins. In order for a player to win, they must roll the exact number needed – if they have one space left, they must roll a one to win. Numbers to 20, 30, 50, and 100. (4 games included)

  • Make 5: Students will spin the spinner and identify a way to make five. They will find a space on the mat that matches their spin. They will cover the space. They will continue to play until all of the spaces have been covered. (2 versions included)

    And so much more!

Take a peek inside

9 months of seasonal morning tubs that build on your kindergarteners' skills all year!

Frequently asked questions

These morning tubs are designed with Kindergarten teachers in mind! They are perfect for any kindergarten teacher who wants to enjoy quiet, engaged mornings with their students.

These morning tubs can be used for early finishers, center activities, quiet bins, indoor recess options, and free choice bins!

Read more about morning tubs here!

This morning tub bundle includes 9 months' worth of kindergarten activities that are themed throughout the year! This includes over 190 different activities for you to use with your students so they never get bored!

Each of the 190+ activities includes teacher-friendly directions as well as an “I Can” visual directions page to promote independence.

The morning tubs were created to only use basic classroom supplies. They were designed to be flexible so that teachers can use what they have in their classrooms.

The recommended supplies are dice, plastic bears, plastic cubes, spinners (or paperclip/pencil), play dough, mini erasers, mini clothespins, magnetic letters and numbers, and metal rings for storage – but you definitely do not need all that to be successful!

I love that you love these morning tubs! Unfortunately, your purchase only grants one license for this resource.  If your teammates also love this resource, please send them our way to grab their own copy.

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