Kindergarten Winter Centers for Math and Literacy Activities


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This packet includes 6 centers {3 literacy, 3 math} and 6 extra no-prep practice pages. The activities are perfect to use throughout the winter months. Activities are hands-on, interactive, engaging and perfect for Kindergarten!

The activities include:
-6 centers: 3 literacy and 3 math
-6 no-prep practice pages to reinforce skills
-Recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work
-An answer key for easy checking
-Teacher friendly directions
-“I Can” visual directions for students
-Common Core aligned standards

There are 6 different centers included, three literacy and three math. Also included are 6 additional no-prep practice pages to reinforce the skills taught in the center. These can be used as remediation, homework, or as an additional center.

-Snowman CVC: Students will identify the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in a CVC word. They will cover the letters on the card to match. They will write the CVC word on the recording sheet.

-Penguin Sounds: Students will select a card and identify the ending sound. They will find the matching letter on their paper and trace it to match the color code.

-Snowman Sentences: Students will sort and unscramble sets of picture cards to create simple predictable sentences (“This ____ is for the snowman.”). They will record their sentences on their paper.

-Penguin Pals: Students will use plastic linking cubes or small erasers to make the number that they see on the ten frame. Mats are included for numbers 1-10 and numbers 11-20. Students will record the number they worked on and color the ten frame to match.

-Snowman Buttons: Students will use the different color buttons to create addition sentences to 5. They will record the addition sentence on their paper and color the buttons to match.

-Snowflake Frames: Students will identify the teen number represented by the tens frame. They will write it in the middle space (marked by a snowflake). They will count to fill in the numbers that come before and after. A number line is also included for additional support.

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