Kindergarten Fall Centers for Math and Literacy Activities


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This packet includes 6 centers {3 literacy, 3 math} and 6 extra no-prep practice pages. These activities are perfect for fall. Activities are hands-on, interactive, engaging and perfect for Kindergarten!

The centers include:
-6 centers: 3 literacy and 3 math
-6 no-prep practice pages to reinforce skills
-Recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work
-An answer key for easy checking
-Teacher friendly directions
-“I Can” visual directions for students
-Common Core aligned standards

There are 6 different centers included, three literacy and three math. Also included are 6 additional no-prep practice pages to reinforce the skills taught in the center. These can be used as remediation, homework, or as an additional center.

-Cover the Sound: Students will identify the beginning sound of a picture and cover the letter on their mat. They will record the letter to show the beginning sound next to the matching picture on the recording sheet.

-Acorns Everywhere: Students will need plastic linking cubes or manipulatives for this activity. They will identify the uppercase letter and cover the matching lowercase letters, which are presented in a variety of fonts. They will record the matching uppercase and lowercase letter on their paper.

-Fall-tastic Sentences: Students will sort and unscramble sets of picture cards to create simple predictable sentences (“I see a…”). They will match the picture on the card to their paper and record their sentences.

-More Apples Please: Students will count two sets of apples to determine which set shows more. They will record the greater number on their paper and color the apple to match the color that was greater.

-Five Fall Leaves: Students will practice decomposing the number five using fall leaves (included in the packet). They will record the way that they made five on the recording sheet. Note: A set blank 5 frame cards are also included for small group practice.

-All the Apple Seeds: Students will need plastic linking cubes or manipulatives for this activity. Students will identify the number on the card. They will count each set of apple seeds to determine which ones show the number on the card. They will record the number on the recording sheet and color the apples to show the number.

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