100th Day of School Activities and Centers {Math and Literacy}


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Kindergarten themes for the year centers bundle
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This resource contains math and literacy centers that are perfect for the 100th day of school in Kindergarten. There are 3 literacy, 3 math, and 6 extra no-prep activities that are sure to make your 100th day fun and filled with learning. Activities are hands-on, interactive, engaging and perfect for Kindergarten!

Good News! This product is available in a YEAR LONG BUNDLE. Find it here: Kindergarten Centers {Math and Literacy Activities} 6 Pack Centers

The activities include:
-6 centers: 3 literacy and 3 math
-6 no-prep activities/stations
-Recording sheet to hold students accountable for their work
-An interactive table of contents
-An answer key for easy checking
-Teacher friendly directions
-“I Can” visual directions for students
-Common Core aligned standards

Here's a look at what's included:

100 Letters: Students will record 100 letters on their recording sheet. An optional spinner is included so students can use different colors to write the letters. Also included are two uppercase and lowercase reference pages.

Write the Room: Students will find the activity cards and match the picture to the one on their paper. They will record the word on their paper. Themed appropriately for this special day!

100th Day Sentences: Students will sort and unscramble sets of picture cards to create simple predictable sentences (“Do you have 100 ____ ?”). They will record their sentences on their paper.

Mystery Picture: Students will select a number card and find the matching number on the hundreds chart. They will color the number to match the color on the card. Students will reveal a hidden picture as they color the numbers from the cards.

What's Missing?: Students will identify numbers that are missing from the hundreds chart. In the place of number is a picture. Students will find the matching picture on their recording sheet and write down the missing number. Three different activity mats are included. Two options for recording sheets are included – use all three mats or just one at a time.

Count by 10: Students will count each set of objects by 10 to determine the number represented. They will record the number to show how many on their paper. An optional number line is included.

Also included are 6 NO PREP activities that could be used for easy 100th day projects:
•Write 100 Words
•Number Order (2 options included)
•Number Maze
•Spin and Dab to 100
•Count by 10's Puzzle
•What Can You Build with 100…? (Includes: cups, blocks, links, plastic linking cubes, and shapes.

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