Pepperoni Pizza Alphabet Activity | Letter Matching Activity


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This Pepperoni Pizza Letter Matching Activity includes 40 activity mats to help students learn to identify and match uppercase and lowercase letter pairs. Also included is an activity cover page, a letter reference page, and an optional recording sheet. There are enough activity mats that you could make two different sets or one large activity pack.

To prepare this letter matching activity, just print and laminate each page. The pages are in black and white so you could print these on colored paper or cardstock. There is a hole in the upper left corner of each page. You can punch a hole and put them on a metal ring for easy use and storage.

Students will need manipulatives to cover the letters and a dry erase marker. This letter matching activity would be great for a morning tub or fast finisher activity.

Students will identify the uppercase and lowercase letters on the pizza. They will cover the matching uppercase and lowercase letters. You can have students use a different color to cover each uppercase and lowercase pair. They will use a dry erase marker to write the letter matches on the right side of the mat.

Optional: Students will use the recording sheet to record some of the letter matches they made.


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