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This Then and Now / Long Ago and Today mini unit was designed to help students understand how things have changed from long ago to today. This unit works great during the month of November, as part of a Thanksgiving unit. But it can be used year-round as it does not specify a time frame, location, or a group of people.

The activities will help students understand what life was like long ago, how things have changed, and how people did not have the things we do today. The terms “then and now” and “long ago and today” are used interchangeably throughout this resource.

Inside this resource you will find center activities, discussion questions, and pocket chart activities. Directions and “I Can” pages are included for each activity. You’ll also find interactive readers and no-prep pages which can be used for review or assessment.

The activities were designed to be versatile. You can use them in a small group, whole group, or as a center. Each center or pocket chart sort comes with a follow up activity page/recording sheet. If you don't want to use the activities as a center, you can use them as a whole group activity and use the recording sheets as additional no prep pages.

Here's a look at what's included:

Then and Now BUMP Partner Games

Then and Now Center Sort: Students will write then or now to show when the object was used.

Long Ago & Today Sort: Students will match sort the picture cards and then color or circle “long ago” or “today” to show when the object was used.

Pocket Chart Sort with Recording Sheet

Let's Talk About It: Small group or whole group discussion cards and follow up writing response pages. For beginning writers, there is a generic response page included. Students will illustrate their thoughts.

Then, Now, Both Sort Pocket Chart Sort: The class will read a statement and decide if it fit the “then”, “now”, or “both” heading. An optional recording sheet is included.

Interactive Readers: Students will cut and assemble the books. They will cut apart the picture cards and glue to make their books. Books are in black and white.

No Prep pages: A collection of 10 additional no prep pages to use throughout the mini unit or as homework pages.


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