Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Activities for Kindergarten

Earlier this month I posted the latest edition of 6 Pack Centers. This time, the theme is Spring! I think spring activities might be one of my favorites to make. It's a reminder that the snow will soon be melting and warmer days are on the way.

These 6 Pack center packets include 6 centers {3 literacy and 3 math} and 6 follow up no-prep practice pages. The practice pages are great for morning work, small group work, sub tubs, remediation, or homework. The recording sheets come with answer keys, teacher friendly directions, and "I Can" visual direction pages for the kiddos. Here's a sneak peek of what's included in the 6 Pack Centers: Spring Edition!

Students complete the number bond by determining how many more are needed to make the whole number. I included frog counters which can be printed on card stock and then laminated for durability. 

Here we are working on teen numbers. There's ten bugs in the jar and some bugs got out! Students need to determine how many bugs there are in all by counting groups of 10 and the extra bugs.

I really love when you can practice two or more skills with one activity. Here students count the number represented by the ten frame and record the number in the box with the little flower. They count back to fill in the numbers that come before.

In several of my monthly centers packs I have an activity called "Secret Code Sight Words". I have received so many requests to make more of those activities and to make them for CVC words too. {I'm working on Secret Code packets, but thought I would also include some individual activities in these smaller center packs.}

Secret Code Words are so fun and are without a doubt are always a class favorite! Students identify the beginning sound of each picture to spell a CVC word. Next, they read the word and match the picture to the card. To show their answer, they record the secret CVC word on the recording sheet. {Note: There is a beginning sound reference page included.}

We are blending onset and rime in this Make a Word activity. Students will blend the onset on the top of the rainbow with each ending on the clouds. They will determine which makes a real word. On their paper, they will record the real word and draw a picture to match. {Note: I have the kiddos put a snap cube on the ending that makes a real word. This way they don't forget which one they chose as they are recording their answer.}

And finally, we have the activity called Change the Sound. Students read the CVC word written in the clouds on top, then they change the beginning sound to spell the new CVC word shown in the sun. To show their work, they record the new word on their paper.

Here's one of the no-prep follow up pages for the Change the Sound activity. It's identical to the actual center activity which means less re-explaining!

This is the follow up activity for the Make a Word center. Students color the cloud to show which ending makes a real word. They write the word on the line and glue the picture on to match.

The secret code pictures in this follow up activity correspond to the ones used in the center activity so the beginning sounds reference sheet works for this page too. 

Here's a math follow up activity. Student roll a die and record the number in one of the lily pads. Then they solve to determine the missing number. I used the theme counters for this activity too!

Click on picture below to check out the 6 Pack Centers for Spring! Be sure to download the preview for another peek at the activities, the "I Can" cards, the teacher direction pages.

If you take pictures in your classroom of this resource in action, I would love to see them! Please tag me on Instagram {@theprintableprincess} or send them to me on my Facebook page or via e-mail {}. 

Thanks for reading along!

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  1. I love all of your stuff. Have you considered making some in a black and white version?