Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Numbers to 20 Freebie!

Happy {Belated} New Year! Since it's the new year and it's time for a fresh start and new ideas, I thought I'd share with you a fun little game to practice numbers to 20! Hopefully you will find it to be a fresh, new idea that you can print today and use tomorrow.

I found these themed erasers at Target (in the Dollar Spot) a few weeks ago and wanted to use them for a game. Aren't they cute?! There's Santa, snowmen, and penguins. You can't beat 60 erasers for $1! They usually have them for every holiday, so when you find them, stock up! 

Why should you stock up? Because these are magical erasers. With these gems, you can take an ordinary activity/center that you've done twenty times in your classroom, add these erasers, and BOOM! The kids can't wait to get to work!

I made this Spin 20 game to practice counting to 20. It can be used as a partner game, small group game, or individually. You just need a copy of the game mat {there's a link below}, small erasers or manipulatives, and a pencil and paper clip to make a spinner. After you print the game mat on cardstock, laminate it for durability. 

To start the game the students spin the spinner on their game mat, the person with the largest number {or smallest number...your choice} goes first. 

To play the game, students take turns spinning the spinner on their game mat. They read the number that they spun and add that many game pieces to their ten frame. The first person to get to 20 is the winner. It's amazing how quickly students learn to look at the ten frame and immediately recognize the number represented! 

Towards the end, students need to spin the exact number on their game mat to finish the game. So if they have the 18 and they spin a 2, they lose their turn. Same with the number 19, they need to spin a 1 in order to win the game! 

Click the image below to download the FREEBIE!

Thanks for reading along!


  1. So jealous. I went to 4 Targets today and they had NONE of the mini erasers!!!!

  2. The dollar tree usually has these types of erasers too.

  3. Thank you for the freebie.:)

  4. Thank you, I know my kiddos will enjoy doing this activity. :)

  5. How cute! And I've never thought about using erasers! Just another reason to love the Target dollar spot ;)

  6. They are really cute and thanks very much. When you need the erasers, you need them.